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Crossdresser needs friend help I Seeking Couples

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Crossdresser needs friend help

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Looking for a Fwb type situation.

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You can no longer comment on this thread as it was closed due to no activity for a month. Message https: Closed to new replies Posted: May 28, Link.

Crossdresser needs friend help

My best friend is a crossdresser?! He told me two days ago and I have known him all of my life. He is Crossdresser needs friend help college now but he has been doing it since the 6th grade. He does it once every couple weeks and I don't know why I hflp don't have a problem with it.

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He has a girlfriend and he isn't gay, but he can't explain why he does Crossdresser needs friend help He says it is comfortable and that it is fun but there is something he isn't telling me.

Devious Comments Load All Images. But hey, to each his own. As long as it's not some sort of mentally unhealthy copulsion nerds whatnot I'm assuming that he acts and seems normal and happy and healthy apart from the wantign to try Crossdresser needs friend help female clothes?

If he's said to you he doesn't want to neevs a woman and he isn't gay then it's true, don't worry. If you think he is hiding somethingmaybe that is you projecting your Please show him how to make me adult ladies mature onto him or maybe he does hide the fact that he is worried how you will take the news.

Cross dressing for men and woman can be a chance just to play dress-up. Men used to be the ones who got made up and dressed Crossdresser needs friend help and women were the dull looking ones in some olden times before fashions changed. It was to assert their power. Now women are the ones allowed to be playful in dressing up.

My first time crossdressing in front of friends | XDiaries 02 - YouTube

You might think they only do it Crossdresser needs friend help look nfeds and to show off in front of other women and to attract men. However, something us ladies know and cross-dressers too is just how much fun it all is. We play with colour and shape, try different Crossdresser needs friend help, make up imaginary stories where we are the heroes.

Men don't have so many fun associations with their neers so it is not surprising that some find it really dull and decide they want to play too.

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It also helps them understand and get closer to women too. Have you not noticed how erotic women find men who wear eyeliner, for example? I was taught how to Crossdresser needs friend help makeup by my first boyfriend, he was very good in all kinds of ways.

At first, I can imagine it comes as a bit of a shock because you have to adjust your whole picture of a person. Eventually, you should be able to accept it as just another part of your mate. The fact that you didn't know 'til now means he doesn't intend it to be a big part of your life too so you should still be able to be blokey together and talk about women if you want.

Chill out for a bit and if you still can't accept it, move on Online Adult Dating st petersburg private be as nice as you can about it then you won't feel guilty later. Thanks Crossdresser needs friend help the response. And thanks for not judging me. He is still my best friend that I turn to when I am in trouble.

I think you are right Crossdressef him just wanting to have fun. Thank god somebody in here doesn't call me shallow right off the bat. Ellavemia Featured By Owner Jun 1, I think it's a fetish. Some people just Crossdresser needs friend help things that seem strange to other people who don't enjoy the same thing. Cross-dressing is no different, I assume.

How can you learn to communicate your feelings and needs to each other? I also help families and friends of men who crossdress, to both. Crossdressing should be fun and playful—not stressful and challenging. you may struggle with getting the support you need from friends, family or co-workers. as far as priorities and battles - I certainly didn't need that femme complication as well! A practical joke that the wife and I were playing on her friends slid sideways some friends know as well — the love and support have been tremendous. Having at least one crossdresser friend though, can make a huge difference.

I just like the way the clothes feel on my body. It has nothing to do with being gay. And I've recently discovered that it may be part Crossdresser needs friend help something called gender identity disorder.

Wikipedia the term for more info. I've grown out of it hel; now that I'm in my twenties.

Maybe he's just experimenting. I've heard of men whose mothers used to hrlp them up as girls when they were infants because their mothers wished that they had daughters instead of sons. Or maybe it's an alternate personality. I have several. When something happens that I don't want to deal Crossdresser needs friend help, it goes to Crossdtesser of my other selves. There are multiple Marys. Theres the sexy, dressed up, slut; the Crossdresser needs friend help, messy, doesn't care anymore angel, and theres the me that people at school see.

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hel That is what I asked him and he said that wasn't it If he's happy with doing it then support him all the way. I'm a cross-dresser.

I do it for the rush that it provides. I do it for fun.

Wife of a crossdresser give some advice on how to help to make significant others more supportive

I do it because it is comfortable. I do it because a sex change isn't cheap. I smell an uneducated child reaching to grasp the false definition of friendship.

How thoughtful! I smell a pseudo-intellectual bitch who Crossdresser needs friend help that they understand a situation that goes far beyond their realm of understanding.

Hey man, nice hel; but your still a failure at life. According to your profile, your only I say you've got a ton of things to learn about when it comes to life and friendship.

Friendship is about support, regardless if you agree or not. So for you to reply with such Mature sex partners comment is just pure ignorance on your part.

Crossdresser needs friend help

It's an uneducated statement. I fully understand the conflictions of Crossdresser needs friend help sides of your conflict because I myself have been in similar shoes. In life, you are going to encounter things that are out of the "norm. It's uneducated prejudice that you are displaying with your comments in this thread that make life difficult for people like your friend, or any one that doesn't fit society's definition of normal.

Crossdresser needs friend help the worst that can happen? You Ladies fucking 92227 a friend because of your lack of tolerance?

Or will he realize what his "friend" thinks of him and chooses to discard you as a negative influence?

My suggestion to you, go find another friend if you Crossdresser needs friend help accept it or educate yourself and get over it. Life can be a lot worse. Agnirei Featured By Owner Jun 2, You deserve a hug for thatno two hugs I agree completely with your statement s. I hate Crosssresser with a passion. He is still my Crossdresser needs friend help and if you Beautiful mature searching orgasm Juneau have read the entire thread you would probably understand that.

I just want to know why he might be doing it. I am not the one who came into this thread with insults flying. And I quote: Your too funny. You get what you put out you know. I'm done posting. Have a good day.

I get what I put out? And how did I put out insults?

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Please, enlighten Crossdresser needs friend help. Furaiya Featured By Owner May 31, I know a few Transgenders myself. I am sure it wouldn't matter.

My friend at the moment is just coming out of her shell she has been crossdressing for ages but she now crossdresses all the time. I am sure your friend might be doing it for just a bit of fun.

Crossdresser needs friend help I Ready Sexy Meeting

I just prefer to let it be. I don't want to talk about it with him. Furaiya Featured By Owner Jun 5, Lakaia Featured By Owner May 31,