Peggy Hill doesn’t think she has been putting on extra weight, but for some reason, her gorgeous boobies just keep getting bigger and bigger! She’s trying on one of her old bras, and she just can’t get the thing over her tremendous jugs! Anyone can see that this beauty is definitely sporting some incredible cans, and if only she would decide that it’s just better to go braless! We wonder what Hank thinks of Peggy’s new, more shapely body? We’re sure he’s banging her more often now that she’s so stacked!


Peggy Hill is tired of tan lines, so she decides to spend her day tanning in the nude. Her yard is fenced, so it should be no problem, right? Normally, that might be true, but today, Dale Gribble, Bill Dauterive and Jeff Boomhauer just happen to notice her through a tiny hole in the fence, and now the horny pervs can’t keep their wandering eyes off of her enormous breasts! Peggy doesn’t even notice them looking at her from over their divider because she’s enjoying the sunshine on her naked skin so much! Dale, Bill and Boomhauer better hope that Hank doesn’t catch them watching his wife!

You’re such a jerk, Hank! What did you think was going to happen when your wife Peggy came in and found you in a threesome with your friend Dale Gribble and her niece Luanne Platter?! Luanne is on her knees in their bed, her mouth wrapped around Dale’s enormous prick and her soft, tender pussy full of Hank’s throbbing wang. Peggy always knew that Luanne was a bit of a skank and slut, but she never expected that she would go after Hank! Maybe a beer can to the head will knock some much-needed sense into Hank!

Peggy was unable to help herself, so when she found Bill sleeping with his penis hanging out of his pants, she had to bend down for a little taste. What she finds is that the passed-out man must have masturbated beforehand because his junk is all covered in tasty jizz! Peggy eagerly slurps up the tasty man juice, in turn making the member in her hand get harder and harder. Now that Bill’s pecker is a stiff boner, Peggy can climb on top of it and ride it until she’s adding her own pussy juices to the mix!

When Peggy finds Bill passed out from too much beer, she can’t help the naughty thoughts that enter her head about his exposed penis. His cock is right there! All she has to do is get on her knees and put it in her mouth, and Peggy will experience the wonderful taste of Bill’s proud manhood. She knows it is not right to take advantage of the situation, but Peggy is such a cock slut — she needs to taste that penis whether it is right or wrong! Hopefully, Bill will not wake up during the act and catch Peggy on her dirty knees!

Peggy Hill is tired from a long day, and all she wants to do is find Hank and go home. She stumbles into Bill’s living room thinking he might be there, but she instead comes face-to-face with a drunk and unconscious Bill — and his huge pecker. Apparently Bill was in the middle of some solo satisfaction when he passed out, and his long dong is sticking out of his pants. Peggy can’t explain why her mouth is watering, nor why she has this uncontrollable urge to kneel down and suck Bill’s cock into her warm mouth!

Peggy Hill cheats with Bill Damn it, Bill! Hank Hill trusts you with his wife, Peggy Hill, for just a few hours, and this is what you do! Hank got the shock of his life when he came home from running errands to find his sweetie Peggy on Bill’s lap and riding his cock like it was a bronco! Peggy’s screaming like a whore because Bill’s boner is so fat and long, and Bill can barely keep from groaning out himself! The two are making such a mess on Hank’s couch, and Hank is becoming more furious with every passing second! How is Peggy going to explain this one?!

Hank and Peggy Hill couch fuck It’s not often that Hank and Peggy Hill get the house to themselves, so they are going to take advantage of their alone time by getting nasty. They know that the family couch should be off-limits for their sexy excursion, but that’s part of the thrill! Hank sits back and pulls Peggy onto his lap, sitting her hairy cunt right onto his hard boner. He thrusts up into her tight heat while the evening news plays in the background, and the couple have never felt more kinky and sensual in their entire lives!

Hank spies on a dirty orgy Oh dear! This is not what Hank Hill was expecting to find when he got home early from work one day! His wife Peggy Hill is on her knees sucking the achy prick of Dale Gribble while Luanne Platter is being nailed from behind by Bill Dauterive! Hank knows he should yell, shout and demand that they stop, but for some reason his cock is hard and he can’t look away. Peggy is soon getting a mouthful of Dale’s man juice and Luanne is about to feel Bill’s massive wad deep inside her cunt!

You would think with all that Hank and Peggy Hill do for Luanne, she could show them a little respect, but the whore is just an ungrateful bitch! With a painting of Hank and Peggy above her, Luanne rides her black boyfriend’s dick and gives the middle finger. Her pussy is being stretched so wide, and her boobies are jerking with every wild thrust of the stallion below her. Luanne knows that Hank and Peggy are out for the day, and maybe that’s why she’s being so insolent. Either way, hopefully none of this dude’s mega load gets on the couch!